Join us for an unforgettable weeklong summer experience! Whether you're registering as a camper or serving as a leader at our camp, SYC is an incredible place to enrich your faith and meet people from all across British Columbia.



As a camper, you can expect a week full of faith and fun at Gardom Lake Bible Camp.  A typical day consists of two large sessions with worship and a message,  group games, electives (water sports, archery, volleyball, high ropes, etc.), small group discussion, and a special event each evening. For a more specific breakdown of the day, visit the "Activities" page.

*Due to COVID-19, our camp for 2021 will be a 3-day camp held in Vancouver. For more information, please visit our homepage.

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Serving as a leader at SYC is a rewarding experience and loads of fun! As a leader, you will be helping lead small groups, facilitate group games, and co-lead a cabin of girls/boys. However, being a leader doesn't mean you can't join in on the fun! Although there is more responsibility involved with your role, you get to engage in all the speaker sessions, join in on the electives and camp activities, and make lasting memories with youth and fellow leaders.

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